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I have a G4 dual 450 Mac on OSX. I have been running ArchiCad 8 and plotting to an HP Designjet 430. Lately, when I try to plot I get the message the "TCP/IP network has not been selected." I know where to set this, just not what the number is. How do I know what my address is? It was set by someone previously because it worked for a long time.

I have a bug in the ArchiCad whenever I quit the program, the bug reporter comes on. I sent a bug report a few days ago, without response.

Prior this problem, revisions to stairs were unpredictable. For example, when changing rise and run, the program would produce a different stair configuration instead. Making an 'L' shpaed stair into a 'U' shaped stair spontaneously.

Perhaps this is all related, not being able to Plot, Bug Reporter when quitting all ArchiCad files, and the plotter address having erased itself.


Thomas Holm
If you're on AC8, contact your reseller for a free upgrade to 8.1 (unless your copy is pirated). 8 was full of bugs.

The HP's IP network address will have to be read at the machine - contact HP or search the internet.

The rest should be resolved with enough memory ( I recommend 1GB with that machine) and upgrading Apple's system software to OSX 10.4. I'm running a G4Duall 533 without problems.
AC4.1-AC26SWE; MacOS13.5.1; MP5,1+MBP16,1

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