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CAD export of single sheet layout does not export with Survey point coordinates


Survey point coordinates set in Archicad model floor plan view, gets exported in CAD dwg only when we export view map. If we place the same floor plan view in sheet and then export the same sheet to CAD then model space in CAD only reflects project origin coordinates as (0,0) NOT the survey point.


Once we move and rotate survey point, Is there anyway to export single sheet layout with surveypoint coordinates in Archicad.


Please review attached Archicad model and 2 CAD exports (One CAD file of Viewmap export & Second of Sheet layout CAD export), where sheet layout CAD export does not reflect surveypoint coordinates.


Fabian Keller

Hi amitchristian,

as far as I know there is no way to export the drawing placed on a layout in coordination with the survey point. The drawing used on the layout has no direct origin reference anymore.


You write: "Once we move and rotate survey point, Is there anyway to export single sheet layout with surveypoint coordinates in Archicad."


It reads like you managed to save from the layout so that the coordinates related to the survey point were exported. I could not reproduce that.

Or was it rather a question, like:

Once we move and rotate survey point, Is there any way to export single sheet layout with surveypoint coordinates in Archicad ?



I have already pressed the "Structural analysis model" button more than once

Marc H

Fabien is correct, model-space to model-space for 'real world coordinates'.  Layouts (aka Paper Space) do not hold those coordinates and are merely scaled depictions.  


If may also help to relate the goal of the file exchange as there may be some other solution options. 

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The same issue exists for worksheets. The survey point object only exists in the "model space", and not in any worksheet, details or layouts, and thus can't be referenced for coordinates or origin settings for those. I've been in touch with my local Graphisoft representative and they've forwarded a request to implement this to Graphisoft in the future, so we'll see how it goes.

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Good to know. Thank you.

Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin

There was another thread about this, where @Rubia Torres from Graphisoft provided an answer:

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