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CadImage Bi-fold door alternate custom door panels

Hi All,

Just wandering if anyone knew how to achieve alternate style of panels/leaf's to one side of a bi-fold door.

ie I have a bi-fold door with two panels/leaf's to each side, I want to make each of those panels different so they create an ' arch' when closed, per attachment. At present I have to use two separate doors to achieve this look but it isn't correct in Plan view.

I've tried asking Cadimage support...but it's non-existent.
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You could try Cadswift's Infinite Openings.
Thanks Braza,
Yes Infinite Openings does allow you to have different panel styles in any multi-panel door such as, double pivot doors, multi folding doors, sliding doors and every other type.

Plus I always provide good technical support, because I love talking with my customers.

CadImage sold out to Central Innovation, who are the Archicad distributor here in Australia. Therefore you would have to get in touch with them to ask the question about continued development and support. From what I can see (which is not everything) it is similar to the Revit scenario; bare bones maintenance crew only.
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Thanks for the responses - I will look into Cadswift, I noticed there is a joinery object, is there also a wall/roof covering tool?

Yep, not a fan of the support received locally by my current provider...
Brett Brown
Elemental_BD wrote:
is there also a wall/roof covering tool? Australian to with alot more tools as well.
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Awesome, thanks for that - will have a look into it too

I've been looking for a replacement for CADimage and this may be it
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Graphisoft Partner

As you've already found, you can't currently do that with our Doors+Windows tool.

I've added it as a new feature request for the tool though, so we'll work on putting it into a future update.

My apologies for your bad experience on Support - you can email us a ticket anytime on We try to get back to all support tickets within a few hours, but it sounds like we somehow missed you out.

We are still very much around though, working on maintaining, upgrading, and adding new features to our existing tools, as well as making new ones (we released 4 brand new tools just a month or so ago).
Josh Osborne - Central Innovation

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henrypootel wrote:
(we released 4 brand new tools just a month or so ago).
Just saw the video on the Central Innovation Youtube Channel. Very impressive indeed. Especially the Cabinet Tool.

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