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Different IDs as single entry in schedule

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I am looking to combine multiple IDs into a single reference for door and window schedules.

Say D01 = 900x2100, D02 = 1200x2100, and D03 = 900x2100, I would like the schedule to look something like the image attached (an elevation will also be included in the schedule).

Whilst D01 and D03 are the same and I could just use a single ID, I would like them to have different IDs for ease of reference. I have also seen a solution where the marker ID is edited manually on the plan, but I would prefer for it all to be automated.

Thanks for any help as I have been looking to solve this for quite some time!

Screen shot 2011-07-25 at 9.35.44 AM.png

Karl Ottenstein
The style you show is not possible - multiple ID's on one line.

ArchiCAD can group multiple items if every field scheduled exactly matches. So, you could omit the ID field and display a Quantity field to get a count showing 2 of the first window and 1 of the second. But, the fact that the first two windows have different ID's forces them into separate lines if the ID field is scheduled.

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Thanks for your fast response Karl.
Looks like they will have to be separate. Bit annoying as this is something I'm commonly looking to do!

Dennis Lee
Could you do this by adding a separate parameter such as "type"? Door 1 and 3 can be type A and door 2 can be type B. This will still list every id in a separate line, but the type parameter can identify same sizes quickly. I usually have a "type" elevation below the schedule.
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