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Door IDs Scheduling Separately from Different Mods

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I'm on AC18 on PC.

I'm having an issue where all of my doors are scheduling separately from different mods. I want the same doors to schedule as one door instead of 5 different doors.

The project I'm working on is a residential townhome. It has 4 different units and 4 mirrors of those units. All doors are based off of our template door file so I know all similar doors have the same properties.

All door ids are the same for that particular door so one of the door's Door ID is 1 and is the same for all mods. When I update the mods in the base file, it changes the Door ID for each unit: i.e. UNIT A 1, UNIT A EAST 1, UNIT B 1, etc. This is causing the same door to schedule multiple times due to the change in Door ID. In each respective mod the Door ID is 1, not UNIT A EAST.

I need help figuring out how to fix this Door ID issue please. I've checked MVO, attributes, schedules, and other areas but can't find what's causing this. It doesn't seem like a bug to me. I think it's user error.[/img]
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One other thing I'm noticing is that all items: objects, walls, windows, etc., ID's are beginning with the unit name. The weird thing thing is we save the mod as 'Unit Type A' but all the ID's have 'Unit A' instead as prefix in their ID. I think 'Unit A' is typed somewhere and it associates itself to everything in the mod but I haven't found where yet.
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😄 Good news: I figured out where that ID prefix is coming from. When the module is brought in initially, I set the Master ID per each unit. This is what causing my doors and windows to schedule separately.

:evil: Bad News: How do I remove the Master ID text without having to delete and reconnect my mods? I don't want to redo my dimensions...
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Welp. Figured that out now. Highlight mod, right click, choose 'Hotlinked Module Settings...", delete Master ID. Thanks for your help!

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