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First Autotext character missing when exporting to DWG


I did a 'New and Reset All' in ArchiCAD 26 BRA (Brazil), then created a simple file with a few walls, for testing purposes only.


Then published a DWG layout using the default layouts preconfigured in the Brazilian template, using the default translator ('export for as-is output'), opened the DWG file with ArchiCAD, then made the screenshot attached.


All the first characters of the autotexts are missing:

  • "eu Projeto" instead of "Meu Projeto";
  • "osé da Silva" instead of "José da Silva"
  • "urval Tabach" instead of "Durval Tabach"
  • "lantas" instead of "Plantas"
  • ":50" instead of "1:50"
  • "1/11/23" instead of "21/11/23"

And so on. This happens only with Autotext fields, and only in the DWG file. PDF is OK.

Tried to change font (using plain Arial), but the problem persisted.

What could be the problem??

Screenshot 2023-11-21 at 13.14.00.png



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