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From .pln to .stp

Luka Tomori
I have made a morph model that needs to be CNC machined. Now I would like to convert it to .stp (step) file, so the program for the CNC machine can be prepared....

I have done several things like converting it to Rhino file format and from Rhino to Step, but the model didn't survive conversions.... Only the surfaces remained:(
It somehow reminds me of The Fly movie:)

Any suggestions will be highly appreciated!

Luka wrote:
Now I would like to convert it to .stp (step) file, so the program for the CNC machine can be prepared....
Which CNC software do you use?

You could try to export it as .obj instead of .3dm. Open it in Rhino.
Analyze the edges and make sure you have no open edges.
Use the _MeshToNURB command. Again, be sure you have a watertight model.
You should be able to save it as .stp now.
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How can my ArchiCAD model be watertight? Should I transform all the model to mesh before exporting it to STL or whatever? For some reason, my STL file has too many issues and the 3rd printing software is not even reading simple things like columns.

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Did you manage this Luka? I am trying to make plans for a project myself and i need .stp-files. Any tips on how to fix this is much aprecciated.

Is the best to use rhino to make the files? My plan is to cut from 12mm plywood, wich means I actually only need 2D-drawings. But I guess it still needs to be .stp.

Any tip helps out!

Geof Gainer
Same problem.

Seems like exporting to .stp would be an important feature to have, since making custom parts to be CNC fabricated is becoming increasingly common. AC can export stereo lithography already--is there some difficulty translating the software? I don't want to have to spend $800 on Rhino.
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