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How mature is BIM and data exchange?

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Newbie here. I'm curious if data exchange on BIM products have made it past the infancy stage as an industry. As an example, let's say I'm a large residential electrical contractor managing many different projects.

1. I generate all of my electrical drawings and lighting fixture plans in Graphisoft. Can I now establish some type of meaningful data exchange, preferably 2-way sync, with field service and accounting programs? For instance:

2. Transfer data from Graphisoft to an accounting program to create purchase orders that contain the light fixture manufactures and models in the design?

3. Transfer lighting fixtures to work orders in a field service program for delivery to the jobsite?

4. Once my electricians mark the fixtures as installed in their field service program have that status be reflected back to my drawings so I can actually visually see what has been completed?

5. What type of 3rd party data exchange exists at this point and where would I look for a list of vendors? For example, I am not really seeing any links to CRM or accounting programs, in fact when I did a search on the parent company of Graphisoft I saw they were using Sugar CRM, yet I've seen no mention of any integration with Sugar CRM.

6. Also, could I generate beautiful proposals and reports out of Graphisoft, using the drawing data?

This is NOT meant to be a negative thread, I'm just trying to get a feel for how far along BIM it, clearly it represents, or should represent the future. Maybe I'm wrong but it looks to me very basic at this point, limited in some to exporting to project management programs, and perhaps integration with some materials vendors for bringing product data into Graphisoft.

My interest is not theoretical, I'm trying to understand if we could replace some of the software we use right now that accomplish some of the above functions with a more robust CAD BIM solultion such as Graphisoft.

Thank you in advance for input.

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