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IFC Translator for Import - Geometry conversion does not recognize IFC Type


I have a question about IFC Translators for Import (this time in AC24). To be more specific, I would like the incoming elemens to be converted to Archicad's native Construction Elements, but somehow I only get Objects or Morphs.


The problem is that when I try to set the Building elemnts for conversion to "Construction elements, otherwise Morphs" or "...otherwise Objects", I only get Morphs/Objects after the IFC import. Is there something that I'm missing?


The IFC Type for the elements in the IFC file is set correctly and displayed under the right category in Solibri and yet it is still not recognized in the Translator in Archicad...

IFC translator - geometry conversion.png

Ok, I found out what the problem was... the geometry in the IFC was exported as BREPS, so the conversion into Archicad does not work if you want to have "Elements".


With BREP geometry in IFC, you can only get either Morphs or Objects after import in Archicad.

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