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Solution / workaround the updated xml format in Archicad 26 & 27 ?


Just discovered the updated xml format AC26 & 27 are using, while upgrading the dwg translators and I have to say this is the biggest downgrade I've seen soo far. Why something thas was a single line before is now split into 6 lines of code i beyond me.

And AC27 doesn't allow me to use older format xml anymore.

Here's a comparison between the translator as it was and after updating it in 27. 

xml translator.jpg

The snapshot shows linetype conversions, but the real issue is layer conversion bc we have a system where each layer name ( based on all possible attributes: pens, linetypes,renovation etc.) is getting converted to 80-90 possible dwg layers, and my current translator upgraded to AC27 has 160k lines of code.


Does anyone know of a solution to work with the new xml format  in order to have it humanly readable?


Operating system used: Windows 10


Setup info provided by author