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Info from a Property Object to a Schedule / Not a list!

Hello everyone.

I created a prop obj for a wall.

I created my script for the Custom Component I need. I have @ 3 or 4 components for this prop obj.

Very important for me is to have the Value of the Component as a parameter and to be able to insert it on a Wall Schedulle.

So let's say my component value - will be the length of the wall multiplied with 3.2. I need a parameter in the same object equal with this component value, and to be automatically updated on A Wall Schedulle,

Is this possible?

Hope to make sense - Sorry for my english level.

Any thoughts / advices are welcome.

Thank you in advance.
Karl Ottenstein
If by a wall schedule you mean an (interactive) element schedule - your subject line suggests this - then, no. The property objects / components / etc are a nearly 20 year old database technology which was created before interactive schedules and which has not been updated at all in over 15 years. They only work with 'list schemes'. Even though it can do things that schedules cannot, it is considered a legacy / deprecated technology.
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Thank you Karl.
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