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Working with Google Earth Pro (V7.3)

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I have created a very large building complex and I want to send it to Google Earth Pro. I first tried to do it the normal way by opening the design in the 3D window and then clicking on File/interoperability/Send to Google Earth. After about 15 to 20 minutes of waiting Google Earth (GE) launches and the screen moves to where I want the building to be shown. After 12 hours the building still isn't visible on the screen. So I tried a different approach. I opened my building file in 3D and created a .kmz file which can be opened in Google Earth. It took approx. 15 minutes for AC to create the .kmz file (93MB). and that was with the doors and objects left out of the conversion. Again opened GE Pro and clicked on file/open/building name.kmz. And like before 12 hours go by and still no building. That forced me to take a different tactic. This time I created a Collada .dae file which GE and open. When I did try and open the file in Google Earth a message popped up stating that GE couldn't read the file. This makes me believe that there is a mismatch between the revision level to which AC creates the .dae file and the revision level that GE can read.

Is there a way to determine the rev. level that AC creates .dae files? Is there a way for Graphisoft to contact Google to see if they are working on the same revision level of .dae files? Is there a way to determine if AC and GE are on the same revision level for .kmz files? I have another complex that converted to a 25GB .kmz file and it loads into GE no problem but it does take about 15 minutes to load in GE and show on the screen.

My other thought is that my new complex is 85% curved surfaces (I believe that is why the file is so big) and maybe GE doesn't handle curved surfaces very well. I am sending questions to GE too regarding my problems in hope that I might get a solution to my problem.

All responses are appreciated. Regards.

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