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Is possible to add glass to window openings?


I've added some window openings within my design as windows, just wondering if anyone knows if it is possible to actually add glass to them?


Thanks, Daniel

Karl Ottenstein

Easily - but it will then be a 'window' and not a 'window opening' if that somehow matters?


The classic way of doing this is to use the slab tool to model the glass - exact dimensions and thickness - laying on the ground, and then "Save Selection As..." > Window to create a Window GDL object.  The newly saved object will be the default object for the Window tool... so then place it in the wall.  You'd have to manually create and place each of these for your current wall openings though.


Here are the steps for a complicated rosette window.  In your case, just a single slab of glass material:


but that article has an error for the round window it is creating... the default hole for a window will be rectangular unless, for non-rectangular windows, a slab with ID 'wallhole' is included for the cutting body.  See this conversation:


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If you mean you used the "Window Opening" object as an indicative window initially, and now want to change them to actual windows, you can open the objects settings, find the window type you are wanting, then press ctrl + alt and select it. This should "inject" your current objects settings into the new window object. If you are using the default AC library, this should work fine with the new window filling out the hole. If you are not using the default library, and something like the 4D library instead, there maybe issues due to inbuilt settings.




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