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Linetypes from an Xref

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This might be a very basic question, but how do I control the incoming attributes from an xref?
I have a DWG that I want to attach to our plans, but I would like to avoid having extra linetypes that come with it.

I thought I could control the conversion of the linetypes in the DWG translator, which I use for the import, but I can not seem to make it work.

I have a DWG from our civil engineer with the construction lines that I want to show on our plans and they have a certain Line Type assigned to them. I use that same DWG as a "Template File" in the translator and then under "Linetype-linetype conversion" I make a new rule that assigns one of Archicad line types to the one from Autocad that I want to convert. Yet, it does not seem to change anything.

Does anyone have any tips? Or how do you others import such files?

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I would just place the dwg as a drawing, that way linetypes layers etc not added to the file but still display correctly


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That's what I usually do too. Just for the construction lines, I thought it would be more convenient to use an xref.

With a drawing, I would have it under the whole floor plan, which can get into way, especially when you have the "magnet" selection on. Also, for the export of dwgs, I think it works better with an xref.

And when it comes to xref's tralslators, what do they control then? I have to admit, I don't have much experience with translators at the import.

Eduardo Rolon
IME Xrefs are less versatile than placing, looks like the type of option that got introduced to pacify Autocad users or just to make them more comfortable with switching.
For example look for the "offset like autocad" forum threads.
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another Moderator

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Xref drawings will have the names of the linetypes prefixed with the name of the file so your translator will need to have these names mapped to the ARCHICAD linetypes, in my opinion way too much hassle that’s why I place as a drawing


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