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PMK schedule issue


When exporting the area schedules in PMK format, I have a problem with the text following the drawing scale.

To be more detailed about what I am trying to achieve.


I am trying to prepare dwg drawings for external disciplines using a combination of PMK and worksheets. Drawings as drawings are working fine, but the problem starts when I try to insert the PMK of the area schedule.

For example, working on a scale of 1:50, the table shrinks ok, but the text doesn't follow. I tried setting in view map to the desired scale but it still doesn't work. It seems that inherently schedules exported in PMK format use a scale of 1:1. 

Does anyone one has an idea how to make it work?



Stefan Veselinović

Versions 13 to 25
CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5900X 12-Core
GPU: RTX 2080Ti
Windows 11