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Plotmaker 9 EPS feature in AC10

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In the PlotMaker 9 it was an option to save as EPS (Encapsulated Post Script) the drawing. (first the drawing had to be saved from AC9 to a PMK format)
This was THE BEST way to translate a AC9 drawing into a perfect SCALE\LINE WEIGHT into CoreDRAW X3 (or 12).
Now i cant find this feature anymore.

If its still there, can please guide me how to use it again.
-for a complete suite AC10/CorelDraw/Adobe Suite is ESSENTIAL!!!

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You can save just as PDF with AC10.
It works.
Thomas Holm
If CorelDraw can't open PDF, but you have the Adobe Creative Suite, you can either open the PDF in Acrobat and Save as EPS or mount it (drag) into an empty Indesign document and Export that as EPS.

If you're on MacOSX, you also have the system option of Print to Postscript, which will give you a roughly equivalent PS file.
AC4.1-AC26SWE; MacOS13.5.1; MP5,1+MBP16,1
Sorry to say but nope EPS export is dead in 10 - PDF is to be the replacement.

GS have said they were working on a number of fixes to PDF export issues for final release (eg. arcs becoming segmented) but i havent checked this myself

Owen Sharp

Design Technology Manager
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So this means that the new AC10 disabled this GREAT feature, yay?

Well this SUX, cose the steps to convert a EPS format FROM a PDF from Adobe's Suite or other programs are WRONG.
The concept of converting a vectorial (complex) drawing into a PDF format IS DEAD WRONG for you to further editing into another vectorial program (like CorelDRAW or AutoCAD, or even Adobe Ilustrator)
PDF is for viewing not for vector editing!!!!!!!!!!!

PDF doesn't support the full features of a drawing (it will destroy a curve into lines, special text into lines, fills into bilion of lines, etc), which the way from converting from PMK to EPS will import to CorelDRAW, groups, fills, text EXACTLY as in AC. (it will explode dimensions and other complex groups)
Now, if that feature is no longer possible, it REALLY SUX BAD!
Its a shame if they didn't kept this feature.

Well, now i need to have AC9 installed (with PlotMaker 9) so i can make this transaction again. VERY DISAPPOINTING!

I repeat myself. The CORRECT conversion of a drawing to CorelDRAW (keeping the fills, line weights, SCALE, everything) is the PLN -> PMK -> EPS -> import/open in CorelDraw.
The DWG (AutoCAD) language conversion is not stable enough for line weights, fills, and the MOST important SCALE, etc for CorelDRAW. So the EPS was the only way to save the day.

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Surely PDF is Vector.
With Adobe Illustrator no problem.
But I must say, EPS would be actually good.... Why disappeared?

In other direction:
I open PDF with Adobe Illustr. and save as DWG, and than I can open this file with AC to work on this.
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You are right....PDF is not so good to work with illustrator...
You can save as AC 9 file and than open PM and save as EPS....
PDFs are vector . . . can the vector graphics be edited with adobe acrobat?

i'm not happy with the principle of breaking solid methodology in new software versions, just curious as to how this can be overcome . . .

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I tried to copy just from AC 10, and put in illustrator.
It works.
If I want to work with illustrator, I will choose this way.
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thx guyz for replying on this one.

Well, i NEVER said that the PDF is NOT vectorial, but i said is NOT for further vectorial editing from a previous vectorial program . The vector conversion language of PDF is very BAD (or exact, or whatever) If u publish/print your drawing in PDF and try to reconvert it back to AC, you will loose on 1 meter, 1 milimeter so 1000 mm will become looses accuracy over these conversions, and not mentioning the curvers translated into line segments and exploding everything, even TEXT, into ONLY lines, and always distroing the drawing, so when imported as DWG or whatever it will look very BAD.
Anyway, my complaint was over the CorelDRAW language with ArchiCAD.
The EPS was the ONLY solution to export a AC9 drawing from PM9 into Corel with almost ALL features UNTOUCHED (fills, line weight, DRAWING SCALE (VEEERY IMPORTANT), curves, text)
Thanx for replying!
Lets add this EPS conversion back to AC10!!! and add it to WHISH LIST!