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Publishing layout to DWG: survey point and revision markers


I encountered an issue trying to publish a layout containing a site plan drawing to DWG.


I’ve moved the Archicad’s Survey Point to a known location that’s different from the project origin. I’ve placed a site plan drawing on a layout and created a publishing set for it. I’ve also created a new DWG translator that should match file’s origin with the survey point.


However, the origin of the published DWG matches the project origin – not the survey point. It doesn’t matter if I’ve set the translator to save layout into paper space with cropped or full view’s content or to place drawings into single file or linked XREF drawings.


If I choose to publish the site plan view directly to DWG, the origin is set correctly to the survey point. This is however not what I want, because it’s important that the information on the layout (for example, project, drawing and revision information) is included in the resulting DWG file.


I’ve also had another issue that I think is linked to the previous one:


I’ve set a change marker to show a layout’s revision id (<REVISIONID>) instead of the default change id. I’ve made changes, created markers, a layout and a publishing set and then trying to publish the layout to a dwg file.


The issue is that the text of the change marker in the DWG file is displayed as “#RevID” – not the actual revision id (for example “01”).


If I set the DWG translator to save layout into paper space with drawings as blocks or model space, revision ids are displayed correctly. This is however not what I want, because with these methods drawings on the layout are saved in layout’s drawing units.


What I’d like to happen is that Archicad populates the actual revision ids in revision markers on the drawings in the model space of the DWG file.


Both these issues are connected to how Archicad deals with drawings on a layout when publishing a DWG file. These are also prime examples, where we see the long history and development of Archicad to become a disadvantage: the internal structure and underlaying technologies aren’t keeping up with the new features and needs.


My intention here is to bring these issues and user needs to the attention of Graphisoft and to hear if we could see some improvements fixing these issues in the future. Or is there something I missed, and the issues could be solved?


Hello @Rubia Torres .

I have attached the pln file and the exported dwg files. 

Exporting form the view gives the expected result, however exporting from a layout does not. 

Workflow: I created a new file based on the INT template, changed the following export option from the translator "03. For as is output": match File's Origin with Survey point, Place Drawings into Linked ref drawings and that's it.


arch. ernest atanasiu
AC 10-26 INT/GER/FR on Win 10/ Win 11

Hi @Ernest Atanasiu,

Thanks for the clarification. Then yes, you have described the current workflow. We have entered a wish (IDEA-12485) to have the drawing of the layout export to DWG consistently positioned with reference to the Survey Point, which would make sense on single layout export only, as explained in previous messages.


Rubia Torres

Community Specialist | GRAPHISOFT SE
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I have the same problem here. Rubia, are you saying that the option "match files origin with survey point" is useless? 

It's not useless if you save (or publish) the dwg directly from the view. In that case it works as described.


arch. ernest atanasiu
AC 10-26 INT/GER/FR on Win 10/ Win 11