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Grid marker text not showing on published set PDF's

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Currently have an issue where my secondary grid marker text on a layout will not show up on a PDF when printed as part of a published set. If I print an individual layout to PDF as a separate sheet, the grid marker text shows up. I have other publisher sets where the grid marker text is showing up, even when updating the layouts so I assume it is a recent glitch in the AC 24 6004 AUS version. All grid marker text is the same pen & the same settings.
Anyone else come across this issue?
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UPDATE: So it seems if I update layouts in old publisher sets & then publish to PDF the same thing happens now, to all plans, all sections & all elevations, that is, grid marker text missing as well as all my title block information also has gone missing from published PDF sets but still not from individually saved PDF's.
Last saved PDF set from 4th August still shows everything.
So, worse than I thought.