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Questions about linking Properties to Criteria

I have a set of Criteria set with AC 13, now that I open an AC 14 file, for some reason i do not see all of the Criteria, but only some of them... Why? Is there a way to import criteria?

Where are criteria saved? Individually in the file, or centrally at the library?

Mac OSX 13.6.4 | AC 26 INT 3001 FULL
Karl Ottenstein
I mean that the entire folder in the library structure is part of the 'list schemes' (basically, the Calculate Menu functions). They are not themselves a list scheme, but only via list schemes can you report any of the information you are generating by doing the linking.

Yes, I did not mean comparable libraries (default) - I meant exact the same (and no other) libraries. Since you have tried that, then the only other options (I think?) are (a) that you have some add-ons in 13 that are not in 14 - temporarily either remove all 3rd party add-ons, or make sure that you have the exact same ones in each, or (b) GS changed something in 14, which is what you asked at the very beginning...

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Hi Karl,
i have 1 addon loaded in both instances, and it's the same (ArchiStair2), but the same thing happens... i still miss some links in the AC14 file...

One other strange thing that i noticed today is that even though on the window (which by the way it can't STILL be resized... ) the criteria appear correct, when i click on the "Edit Criteria..." button for some links, i get a "?" missing... (see attached image)

I think there should be an answer from GS about this erratic behavior...
Mac OSX 13.6.4 | AC 26 INT 3001 FULL
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