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Solved - Composite skins to ifc (version4) with "parent" ID?



I export a composite as ifc4 design transfer view and split wall into composite skins. What is the method to tell the skins which parent element they belong to? When I create a quantity take-off in Solibri I get all the individual skin values but I don't know which wall (in this case) they belong to. I'd like to use the Element ID of the wall to be be used by the composites...


SOLUTION: I missed decompose in the Solibri ITO so now it's all ok. Tried to delete this post but can't find the delete post button.


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It is OK, let us keep the post, you provided a solution, it can be useful for others in the future.

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Would you be so kind to share you solution?!

Am trying to get a new project from AC to Solibri.

However, I keep struggling with IFC export settings and Solibri ITO-parameters.


The "Decompose" function in Solibri is rather puzzling at the moment.

Where do you add the Element ID from the composite element to its skins?

Dit you manage to get this working in AC25?

Or did you switch to AC26 for this, as it allows for Component-Level Data to be exported to IFC?


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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