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Things from Revit , i'd like to see in ArchiCAD !

as in the wish post we should make a poll; i'll put this here (for the moment)

i'm not an Revit expert, but had the chance to see it in action, here are few things i'd like to have in archicad :

1- the ability to constraint elements
this option may help us to make less errors , and less stressing when cotrolling if every thing is ok, ok i know it's a ressource hunger, but it a necessary step for any parametric modeler....

a simple example is the grid tool, this was a great addition in ac12 (the fixed one 😉 ) but it lacks an important features from the similar option in revit "constraint": when you move a grid all the linked object (for example in the intersection points) will move accordinately ( even if you move let say one axes ) ... (strech or move tools do not offer what 'm refering to here)

3- a family like gdl editor

when comparing gdl objects to families of Revit, AC object are far more advanced in option. however families have a great advange: they can be easily created "parametrically" ; while not with a full option we could have with gdl, but suffisant enough for a basic use... i think for a first step we don't need a full gdl options editor, a basic "parametric"one could be suffisant.

2- the new parametric freeform modeler

at first the building maker ( combined with the massing tool) was a unique feature in Revit; while still limited in freeform design at that time. The good idea with the new massing tool (2010) _while not perfect_ is to offer not only freeform "parametric" design but also the tools to make them "buildable". not to mention the schedule options you can make with this tool...

3- the abilities offered by the slab tool (Point edit Floor & Roof Tool): like in this tutorial (
a small but a helpfull feature

4- schudles material take off , seems to be more easy to create (and more flexible ) then the IS in archicad...(to confirm)

5- formulas options ( gdl creator and/or schedules)

6- the legend option ( where we can for example list space name with it's zone color ) , simple and useful option

7- when coping object we can choose what level(s)/storey we want the object to be at...( a window will popup , and there you can check the storys you want ). it could be also a good feature to have in the object visiblity options )

9- editing wall profile in elevation ( far more direct (and flexible) than using trim to roof/ seo or complex profiles )

10- some flashy options, rpc support, an imporved rendering engine ( with the recent engine development vray-rt for example) rendering are not just a presentation tool but could be part of the project process)

i'll add more options as i could.

there are also things from archicad i'd like to have in revit but it's not the subject here 😉
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IMHO it an stupid topic. If you like Revit things and workflow, you should buy Revit, so if you like ArchiCAD things, you sould write wishes in wishes forum.
it may sounds stupid, yes; but i don't think so;

We are talking about bim vs bim features, not cad or image editing software vs ArchiCAD.i should mention that some features ( or inspired features )from revit have included in ArchiCAD (and so did Revit) (story level in section ...etc)

neverthless , you're right, i should try revit more seriously, and see if it offers a more pleasent workflow than ArchiCAD; ...
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Karl Ottenstein
I think this is a reasonable topic - although it is a topic that has been raised before in several threads with similar wishes. The thing that has not happened in those threads is to break individual features of Revit that the user wishes AC had into individual wish threads in the appropriate wish forum here. That can be a lot of work if there are a dozen or more features... but without that, the votes are never counted by Graphisoft.

I see nothing wrong with seeing a feature in Revit or any other software and wishing that AC had it ... especially if the wish is from an experience AC user who appreciates the work-arounds or impossibility of accomplishing the wish with the current features set.

In particular, the fact that Revit - or some other software - has a feature makes the wish stronger in one sense, in that there is proof that the feature can be implemented.

Just my 2 cents,

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Every type of software is borrowing from competition. Topic is good. I was thinking about the that actually for some time now. My items:

1. View crop and annotation crop.
2. View filters
3. Graphic overrides
4. More object types (ceilings, foundations)
5. Free form modeling
6. Import of 3D dwg's
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