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Trimble destroyed Sketchup-- Archicad needs native Google Earth import tool!

Although it's not typically a problem for me as I have adapted to other work flows, I do want to vent: Trimble a few years ago eliminated Google Earth as their source for geo-location and as a result the lousy quality provided through the OpenStreetMap and Digital Globe content now available is too poor quality to waste my time with. It only allows zooming in to 1 pixel per 3 meters.

Graphisoft: please build a Google Earth terrain importer within Archicad! I'm willing to pay extra on subscription to get this native, but it needs to be the high resolution imagery and topographic data. It is really irritating that in 2019, I am no longer able to use imagery and terrain tools that I had available to me 10 years ago. Granted, it's Trimble's fault for being greedy punks, but still. This is an EASY tool to build into the software and would make it so much easier for me an many other architects in mountainous regions, especially in the early phases of design.
Oh, and while I'm venting on Sketchup-- now, Trimble has shifted to a subscription model because apparently forcing me to pay $600 just to maintain the geolocation tool in Sketchup a couple years ago wasn't enough. Now they want to charge hundreds of dollars per year. I've been using Sketchup since 2001, and it was always a great little tool until Trimble bought it and it has become worse and worse since then.

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