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Using a DXF-DWG File as an Attribute Mapping Template

Craig Boyer
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni
The easiest way to map attributes in a custom DXF-DWG translator is to use an existing DXF-DWG file as a template. Follow the steps below to open a DXF-DWG template file.

1. Select the translator you wish to edit.

2. In the Settings tab, navigate to the Save Options and click the Browse for template DXF/DWF file button.


3. Select the DWG/DXF file to map to and click Open.


4. The attributes in the selected file will now be available to select in the attribute mapping tabs.


Customize the DXF-DWG Translator Settings

Refer to the links below on how to customize the settings in your custom DWF-DWG translator.

Layer Mapping

Pens and Colors Mapping

Line Types Mapping

Fills Mapping

Font-Style Conversion Mapping

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