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Vitruvian Studio

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Is anybody currently using Vitruvian Studio? I've purchased it from their website, but have had one wee problem... It crashes during saves after working on a project for 10 or 15 minutes. It gives an 'Out Of Memory Exception' error message. As far as I've been able to research, this has to do with it's use of NET Framework 2.0, and is not uncommon with other, similar applications. So here's my questions:

1. Has anyone else experienced this with VS (v 1.5), and if so, what was the fix?

2. Are there any other comparable VRML editors out there you folks would recommend, that have comparable functionality to VS?

I sent a message to the tech support E-mail link on their page and it bounced! Not only that, but I haven't received my license code via E-mail yet. They say to allow 48 hours for that, but the clock is rapidly ticking down. I'm starting to worry that I may have been rolled for $85.00.

No... I can't just use VBE. I'm still using AC9, and besides... VBE files are much to large for me to fire off to a client via E-mail.

I'll tell ya'... When VS is working, it's really awesome... 'til it crashes on save. I really want to use this app, so it's severely harshing my buzz that it's falling down over something that's probably a simple fix.

I've gone long and far looking for a solution, so feel free to ask for additional color and I'll probably be able to add detail.


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Dave wrote:
No... I can't just use VBE. I'm still using AC9, and besides... VBE files are much to large for me to fire off to a client via E-mail.
Very interesting program, never heard of it though, but after seeing their website it seems that it was made entirely for AC. I downloaded some sample files to check out what it can do.... but it needs an application because my system does not recognize the file (am I missing a step - or is VS limited to windows only).

I read this on there website:

# Notes: Parallelgraphics Cortona® Vrml-client is required. You can install Cortona from Parallelgraphics site.
# Microsoft® .NET Framework 2.0 is required. You can install .NET Framework 2.0 from Microsoft site.

So if I were a client, this would be troublesome. With VBE, clients don't need to download anything, regardless if they are running a PC or MAC, they just double click on that 1 file and it runs. So, despite the larger files, I think its worth it just for the convenience it gives to clients/consultants. Sorry Dave, I'm just comparing the 2 programs with what I have seen so far. And your right, AC9 does not have the option to use VBE, as far as I know.

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Junior - Thanks for the comments. There's lots of VRML plug-ins, apparently, so that doesn't worry me too much. Also, the NET Framework issue only bears on the creation app - not the viewer plug-in.

They did send me my license today, so they've honored that element of the agreement, which pleases me.

Now we'll see if I get a tech support response. I'm hopeful that'll be forthcoming.

I'll post results of the interaction as they come along.

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