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Wall composite schedule

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I'm trying to make schedule for wall composites. The goal is to have table of composites used in project with listed building materials (layers of walls/slabs/roofs) i proper order (from outside to inside) and thickness.


Wall 1 Plaster - 2.5
Brick - 12
Insulation - 10
External finish - 2

Wall 2

I've tried several setting two of them worked good... ALMOST...

1. Schedule by name - sorting composite name ends up with random building material order

2. Schedule by composite - using keep components together, deactivates sorting by composite name - result good building mat order but random composite order.

I notice that in option 2 mostly position is related with order of creating structure but attributes manager indicates different values than sorted in Sshedule . You can also notice that shesule is grouping walls/slabs/roofs however still order is quite random.

Does any one have idea how to solve it? Please help
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I couldn't attached more files in first post. Sorry.
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and first attempt.
schedule by name.jpg

I had the same problem, but I think I solved it. I hope also that is not to late with my answer. And sorry if doesn't work, but please try, and let me know. Look how I set it up for my case:


First untick option called KEEP ELEMENTS TOGETHER, so you could make arrangements about the order. Now make the order you want but changing arrows dirrection in small icon spaces. Experimant here, I done it with logic. When you finish, Thick again option KEEP ELEMENTS TOGETHER . If you want to add info to your schedule, repeat the steps, unlock - change - lock! Have a nice day!Screenshot 2022-09-20 132604.jpg