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project reviewer not included in Archicad 20?

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Hi I noticed that project reviewer choice does not exist in publisher anymore, also I checked older versions up to 17 and the ftp upload function is missing. Also Contacts manager is missing. I never realised when these changes happened. These were usefull features.
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Hi there,

Unfortunately the Project Reviewer application is no longer included in ARCHICAD.

Instead, we recommend the professional PDF viewers available from Bluebeam (e.g. Vu and Revu).


Reference - Page 80 of the ARCHICAD 20 Reference Guide.
Karl Griffith
Well, Graphisoft purchased Bluebeam, so evidently that is now their solution for project review. While there is logic to an 'external' review solution, it would seem that some of that would find its way back into ArchiCAD, now that GS owns the technology.
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Eduardo Rolon
Actually GS did not buy Bluebeam.
Nemetscheck which is the parent company of GS is the one that did.
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