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scheduling Shape Tag JM9

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So, I'm trying something new to me. I have a parking garage renovation project and I am scheduling parking signage.

My idea is to insert the JM9 Tag and schedule it. This way if the owner comes back and changes the stall name I can change in the tag and it updates in the schedule.

Trouble is... The custom text cells will not allow me to edit them in the schedule editor. I can edit the headings, but not the value cells. All layers are turned on and unlocked. Am I missing something really simple here, or can I not use custom text schedule parameters on a simple object like the JM9 Tag I am using??

A little help here would be appreciated!

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Okay, the answer is simple, and kind of stupid

You have to zoom in on the schedule when you have your text smaller than usual, i.e. 5 pt font. It locks the cell zoomed at 100%, but if you zoom to 200% you can edit it. I don't understand why... But this is better than a functionality limitation with scheduling the jm9 shape tags that I feared.
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