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Archiforma Alternative




I am currently working to optimize our workflow within the studio, and would like to reduce our dependence on external cad modelling programs (i.e. Rhino). While I recognize and appreciate the extreme advancements such as the grasshopper live-link, there are many factors that make these processes unusable for us.


The main problem I would like to solve is in regard to custom objects. We currently do not have the expertise within our studio to pursue GDL scripting, and have resorted to using beams/columns/slabs/etc. to create custom built-in furniture pieces as well as custom loose-furniture pieces (as the alternative to Rhino/VisualArq/Grasshopper).


I have scoured the web and found that there have been successful plug-in solutions in the past, namely Archiforma 2. However, I can see that support for this program ended with Archicad 17, and I am skeptical its utility with AC24+. Is there a reason why programs like this don't exist any longer? Is there one that I am unaware of?




My guess is that keeping users happy and support is why they have disappeared.


I hate usings add ONS, that's what drove me to learn gdl.

Once you learn the basics it's pretty easy.

I usually end up coding objects because it takes just as long as modeling them.

I know it's not the answer to your question but I strongly suggest diving into gdl.

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