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Wanted: Custom Mesh Object/Tool and Slope Object/Tool

Eli Chiasson
I am trying to find a solution to quickly and easily model sidewalks and parking garage ramps. Currently we are using the native ARCHICAD mesh, roof, and slab tools but they require a lot of calculation and extra steps to get the results we are looking for.

The general scenario is that the sidewalks and entry ramps around our buildings must conform to our local city standards and also function with our building design. In working through this process we model and test different options at different elevations and slopes. Doing this work with a mesh and Level Dimension markers is slow and requires many steps.

Is anyone able to tell me if the tools I am looking for (see below and attached) already exist? I have not been able to find them. If not, is there someone interested and able to code these for me? If so, please reply and we can discuss cost and timeline.

Tool 1: Custom Mesh
  • Can be built with nodes/hotspots on the perimeter or in the middle that have custom set elevations
  • Can be assigned a Material and consistent thickness, or be assigned a Composite
  • When creating a new object, or editing nodes/hotspots on an exising, nodes/hotspots will snap in 3D to existing objects
  • Supports being a target of a Level Dimension, same as a mesh
  • Supports being a target of Tool 2, so slope can be displayed in plan/section automatically

Tool 2: Slope object
  • I need an object that can work with the above, at least, though ideally also with ARCHICAD native roofs, slabs, meshes
  • Reads X, Y, Z at beginning and end points, uses drawn length to calculate slope
  • Displays slope as text in plan or section/elevation
  • Can display slope as percentage, degree, or ratio
Eli Chiasson
Dexel Architecture
AC19-23 USA+MEP • i7-7700 3.6GHz | 32GB RAM • Windows 10 Professional

I think the best way to manage problem with site modelling is to have two tools: soft surface and hard surface. Hard surface then can be roads, slops, paths, parking etc. Hard surface also must have layers as composite elements.
The survey points can be placed into database of the program - so user can draw surfaces without thinking about Z - elements will follow these points. Roads and pavings must follow sloping rules.


I am digging this old thread because the problem described is still there. I am tired to make thousands of adjustments to have the 3d terrain as I want, is there something we can do to show the terrain slope? I am thinking about putting a very small beam and attach to it a label that shows the slope but I have no idea how to show an arrow pointing to the direction of the slope.

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