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GDL coding questions, Python and add-on development using the API Dev Kit.

Different file formats

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Hi there,
Could anyone please shortly explain to me what is the difference and meaning of each one of the following formats?


and another issue...
How can I "install" the examples in the dev kit?


Karl Ottenstein
As with your earlier questions, the answers are all in the doc files. Frankly if just exploring an example folder is not enough to see what a GRC resource file is or that apx is an add-on, you may not have the level if curiosity required to do API work as often detective skills beyond such obvious things are required.
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I started reading and exploring those docs and some other threads in this forum, and suddenly found a "step by step" tutorial:
Then I started following the instructions, and when I got to these lines, I lost it:
In Visual Studio 6.0 you can create a new ArchiCAD Add-on with the provided wizard. Select the API DevKit folder and (optionally) add support for dialogs & input/output. We won't need them for "Hello World".
I didnt really understand what this order means, and how can I open a new ac add-one file in Visual studio.


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