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GDL object editable hotspot not working




I've a project in which a large number of a gdl object are placed. The object have a parameter which can be set by moving hotspot. The problem is that the editing hotspot of the placed objects is not working (after dragging it gets back to the origin) while the paramtere can be set in the object settings dialog. 

When placing the object with default settings it works fine but the old ones doesn't work.

I've attached a file that contains the objects.



Very possible - because you are mentioning that some hotspots are old and some new - that old objects store different hotspot IDs then it set in the script and this is the reason why it's not working. I don't know the full story - did you take a file with placed objects and started to modify the script or how that happened - but most likely it's about hotspots IDs.


Change parameters B from zero. I don't now - why, but it work



Structural engineer, developer of free addon for sync GDL param and properties

Thanks for your reply. It was a file with placed objects not working that I got from the user. Then I cleared the file, and stripped down the object so that nothing remained but the parameters that should be set by hotspot.

Wow! Thanks! It really works!

When I looked to compatibility options of GDL object, I have found that it set to option 'Store the ratio of current/default A/B sizes'. Because this option existed before Archicad 6.5, very possible it gives some troubles (because editable hotspots appeared in later versions). And this is probably the reason why it's working if you are changing value of variable B. Also I noticed that these elements are placed far from origin.

hotspot printscreen.png

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