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How do I get/set profile modifier?


I am using Archicad 23.
I want to get the settings from favorites, but I can't get the values of profile modifier.
How can I get/set the value of all or a specific profile modifier?

Please, help me.


Here is the code.


GSErrCode favtest() {

	GSErrCode err = NoError;

	API_Favorite fav = {};
	fav.memo.New(); = "test";

	ACAPI_CallUndoableCommand("place element from favorite",
		[&]() -> GSErrCode {

			API_Element elem = fav.element;

			err = ACAPI_Element_Create(&elem, &fav.memo.Get());

			if (err != NoError) {
				ACAPI_WriteReport(ErrID_To_Name(err), true);

			return NoError;
	return NoError;



Ben Cohen

Hi Arad


I think this is a bug / limitation. I came across this same issue years ago in v22, and it is still not working in v24.. Profile modifiers in favourites are not set when using the API..

I ended up just setting the modifiers manually using "ACAPI_Element_SetProperty"

The Property_Test example is a good place to start if you go down that route.

Hope this Helps..


Ben Cohen
Mac and PC
Archicad (Latest Version) aus

Hi, Ben.

Thank you for your reply.

I see.
I will try with your method.


I hope we can use it soon.
Thanks for the help.

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