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Moving Hotspots

John Edmundson
Does anyone know if there is a limit to the number of movable hotspots nodes that can be defined in the 2D code for an object. It seems that I can only get 12 to work, anything past that and they stay frozen in there position. Thanks

No, I cant see how there would be a limit. I have objects that contain multiple customisable profiles in a single placed instance all defined using movable hotspots. I would say conservatively that I could have over 40 moveable hotspots in a single instance.

Check the hotspot ID as I have often discovered, when first creating moveable hotspots, some weren't moveable because of a clumsy ID error.

use the unID count method to be sure:

unID = 1

hotspot2 -a*.5,			.03, unID, lft_fixdpan_wdth, 1+128:	unID = unID +1
hotspot2 -a*.5+lft_fixdpan_wdth,.03, unID, lft_fixdpan_wdth, 2:	unID = unID +1
hotspot2 -a,			.03, unID, lft_fixdpan_wdth, 3:	unID = unID +1
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John Edmundson
Thanks. The 3D code works fine but the 2D is where I am having a problem. I think I will rework the 2D code again.

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