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Need precision on C4D light properties

The light properties as given by the ModelerAPI are a bit too rudimentary for me. For this reason I am enumerating C4D light properties by calling ModelerAPI::Light::GetExtraParameters()

I found some documentation on C4D light properties here:

However, I would need clarification on a couple of things.

- Photometry units can be lumen or candela. I assume you mean "Candela per Square Meter" ?

- What is c4dDetAreaX, c4dDetAreaY? I assume it's the area beyond which falloff starts to occur (eg: 100% light intensity within the area/volume, and starts to falloff beyond the area/volume)?

- The documentation doesn't mention a c4dDetAreaZ for an omni light, but when I enumerate the properties I see a C4D_DET_AREAZ. I assume this is just a bug of the documentation?

- What does c4dDetRadius mean? Is it the distance from which light goes from 100% to 0% but beyond the c4dDetAreaN? If so, then, along an axis, the light coverage and intensity curve would be something like this?

total length of light coverage = c4dDetRadius + c4dDetAreaX + c4dDetRadius
shape of light curve = ...oooOOO + ######### + OOOooo...

- What is the unit of c4dDetRadius and Areas? I assume meters?

- Can you describe the falloff behavior for an omni light with falloff geometry types of OMNI, SPOT, AREA, CONE, PYRAMID and how it relates to c4dDetFalloffAngle?

- Why have to specify the light intensity in both Lumen and Candela? Why not specify a single unit and value, and let archicad convert between the two?

- Can you confirm meaning for c4dPhoPhotometric? 1=photometric, or 0=non-photometric? How do you get intensity & unit of non-photometric lights?

- What is c4dVisBrightness? Is it a percentage multiplier to the light intensity, like a dimmer switch?

Thank you!

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