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LIst of certain Property Names


Hi, I have this sample json file sent to me, and I can't find their real names in archicad. Sending some of its content below:

"objects": [
{"l": "F",
"cf": "-",
"c/k": "KD",
"area": "3 m²",
"cost": "0.00",
"mark": "124",
"type": "1000x2200 enterance doors ձախ D - 4.3",
"image": "<None>",
"level": "-2 LEVEL (-6.50)",
"width": "1000",
"family": "M_Single-Flush 1",
"height": "2200",
"infill": "HC",
"louver": "-",
"vision": "-",
"volume": "0.12 m³",
"host id": "371166",
"type id": "2169956",
"category": "Doors",
"comments": "1000x2200",
"function": "Interior",
"material": "WOOD",
"undercut": "THRESHOLD",
"direction": "LEFT",
"leaf type": "SF",
"lock type": "SASH",
"thickness": "51",
"type mark": "D - 4.3",
"type name": "1000x2200 enterance doors ձախ D - 4.3",
"type_mark": "D - 4.3",
"archestr l": "F",
"element_id": 559577,
"frame type": "G",
"trim width": "76",
"type image": "<None>",
"archestr cf": "-",
"door_offset": "20",
"family name": "M_Single-Flush 1", "fire rating": "-",
"head height": "2200", "rough width": "0", "sill height": "0",
"archestr c/k": "KD", "door_opening": "152",
"hardware set": "HW3", "rough height": "0",
"wall closure": "By host", "design option": "-1",
"do not upload": "No", "door material": "Door - Panel",
"handle height": "1060", "line_diameter": "960", "main material": "WOOD",
"phase created": "New Construction", "frame material": "Door - Frame", "archestr infill": "HC", "archestr louver": "-", "archestr vision": "-", "family and type": "M_Single-Flush 1: 1000x2200 enterance doors ձախ D - 4.3", "omniclass title": "Doors", "omniclass number": "", "phase demolished": "None", "sound insulation": "-", "archestr undercut": "THRESHOLD", "construction type": "FLUSH", "archestr direction": "LEFT", "archestr leaf type": "SF", "archestr lock type": "SASH", "leaf finish side a": "RAL 9010M", "leaf finish side b": "RAL 9010M", "archestr frame type": "G", "frame finish side a": "RAL 9010M", "frame finish side b": "RAL 9010M", "trim projection ext": "25", "trim projection int": "25", "construction type id": "MDOOR", "analytic construction": "Metal", "archestr hardware set": "HW3", "archestr do not upload": "No", "archestr handle height": "1060", "archestr main material": "WOOD", "thermal resistance (r)": "0.2701 (m²·K)/W", "archestr sound insulation": "-", "visual light transmittance": "0", "archestr leaf finish side a": "RAL 9010M", "archestr leaf finish side b": "RAL 9010M", "solar heat gain coefficient": "0", "archestr frame finish side a": "RAL 9010M",
"archestr frame finish side b": "RAL 9010M", "define thermal properties by": "Schematic Type", "heat transfer coefficient (u)": "3.7021 W/(m²·K)"

"Family name"? Sure looks like Revit to me 😄

But that aside: What do you want to know? Properties are based on the template and whatever the user did. You can't "find" them... – you'll will need to look it up yourself. If you do not have it, create it.

There are only a handful of so called built-in properties (like the ID and the reno status). The rest are all user-defined.

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Hey, @runxel

What is Revit?

And another question, I am using GetAllPropertyNames method of API and then just filtering them by type "UserDefined" and still It seems not all user defined properties are there, although they should be there, cause the data I've sent above is retrieved from the same archicad project.