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Subtype object parameters merging

Pertti Paasky
This comes to my mind when I make a new object.
Is there a way to explode the type object parameters (blue in UI) ?
What I ´m looking is that I could compose parameters by choosing many subtypes one after another. Now if my object has a subtype and corresponding blue parameters and I change the subtype, all parameters from the previous subtype disappear.
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Barry Kelly
Not that I know of - they are automatically generated by the sub-type as you have discovered.
You can type them yourself, then they will stay regardless of the sub-type.

I haven't played around with the LP_XMLConverter.
Not sure if that can allow you to capture the parameters or transfer them from one object to another.

For me it is easiest to write them out once in an object (as a template if you want to call it that) and then you can copy and paste to any other object.


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I use this trick frequently: (I still script in programmers editor and Archicad copy pasting and so on- I got used to not beat me)

I open the subtype macro and save it under different name
assign the new subype to the edited object...
delete the subtype
reload library


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