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XCode AddOn project template

Andor Kocsis

Dear GraphiSoft,


I found an old topic here with an XCode AC20 addon template download link. I found no newer versions of that template on the website.


Today supported AC versions are more likely AC24 and AC25. Probably, I can edit that template and make it work for newer projects, but that material is copyrighted, and I need it for commercial purposes. A legal conflict is not my wish.


If there are newer versions of that template, I am looking for download links. If there are no newer versions exist, at least, I am asking for permission to use that material for derivative works.


I appreciate any help or at least permission.



Hi Andor,

To develop for AC24 and AC25 I use the following CMake template from GRAPHISOFT:

With that you can generate XCode (as well as Visual Studio) project files. I assume that's also why they are no longer maintaining the "old" XCode template. Also the CMake project is licenced under the MIT license, so it's not a problem to use for commercial purposes.

Bernd Schwarzenbacher
Archicad Add-On Developer
AC 24-25, VS 2019

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