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Complex Profiles.... Layer Controls???

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I've searched the topics on Complex Profiles and did not find this specific idea in past threads.

Is there a way to identify Fill geometry and assign it to a specific layer. This would be useful for layering control in construction document layout as well as rendering stages of design.

It would be nice to be able to have the footings as part of the wall profile and still be able to be "toggled" on an off via layer commands in certain views.

The attached image represents a conceptual wall in the Complex Profile tool and the desired layers for the different parts of the wall.

Thanks in advance for any input associated with this topic.


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Hi Steve,

Apart from defining whether a fill is 'Core', 'Finish' or 'Other' in the profile manager, there is no other way of controlling the visibility of the individual parts in a complex profile at the moment.

Never-the-less, there are several advantages of separating out each element into its own individual profile and assigning each to a different layer; it gives you the opportunity to fine-tune the 2d display of the elements individually; doors & windows tend to 'play' better in a simpler wall (the GDL gets confused as to what is the face of the wall!); and it will actually reduce the number of unique profiles needed to deal with those awkward special situations.

Personally, I don't think having layers in profiles would actually make life any easier so I wouldn't recommend it, but you are very welcome to create a wish in the 'Construction Wishes' section of the forum to gauge other peoples opinions.

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