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D5 Render for Archicad 26 available! Realtime, VR, Ray tracing, Live sync...

D5 Render

Hi Graphisoft community,

We are so glad to announce that D5 Render supports Archicad 26 now! With the latest update, D5 Converter (Live sync plugin) now supports Archicad 22-26: 
Archicad Rendering with D5 Render | D5 Converter-Archicad - Workflow / Archicad - D5 RENDER FORUM


Also, D5 Render 2.3 is released! With the new fog and cloud system, let's create the most realistic and appealing scene.

D5 Render | Real-Time Ray Tracing 3D Rendering Software



Yours sincerely,

D5 Render



looks amazing. sadly not for MacOS. : - (

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Thank you! When the hardware of Mac supports ray tracing well, we will bring D5 to MacOS~ Stay tuned.

D5 Render

Hi there, here are 2 new blogs that introduce D5 Render and the streamlined workflow with Archicad 26.

Have a nice day~

Archicad 26 Supported | Streamlined Workflow with D5 Render for Intuitive 3D Rendering

D5 Render 2.3 | Release notes | Free 3d render software





Best regards,

D5 Render


@D5 Render wrote:

Thank you! When the hardware of Mac supports ray tracing well, we will bring D5 to MacOS~ Stay tuned.

Could you give some indication of what you've found is a hardware issue on Macs (and I assume you are talking ARM Macs... vs iMac Pro / Mac Pro with powerful discrete graphics adapters)?


I have seen this article about general graphics performance which points out that Apple lied, or didn't tell the whole truth, about M1 Ultra graphics performance - although for what it does do, it consumes dramatically less power:


But, the only ray tracing benchmarks I've found seem to complain about issues with the Metal API for ray tracing, not the hardware itself.  Is it indeed something with the graphics processors on Apple M1/M2 Max/Ultra chips that is the issue for D5, or is it the available API?  Links to studies would be helpful to us Mac nerds 🙂 Thanks!


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