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Deleting Renovation Filter Option NOT deleting all related geometry

Mark Hensler


I was planning on using the fact that deleting a renovation filter will delete all objects pinned to that renovation filter to clean up my model and remove past design options that we had pinned to various renovation filter options.  However, after reserving all elements in my project, deleting a renovation filter (despite the draconian error message suggesting otherwise) does NOT delete any geometry or 2D data from the project.


I am a bit stuck, since opening each design option and deleting the pinned elements will take a lot of time.  Does anyone know if there is a way to get this to actually delete the pinned objects, or is this just something that was changed in the way AC 25 works?


FYI, I am using AC 25 build 5010 on a MacBook Pro M1 running macOS 12.6


You may be better off doing this using Find & Select and applying the Renovation options as required. I can imagine there may also be residue graphics that require cleaning up in your various views. Grouping and mixed layer visibility & locking status can also add to the difficulties of "automating" the clean up process.

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Karl Ottenstein

@Mark Hensler wrote:

I was planning on using the fact that deleting a renovation filter will delete all objects pinned to that renovation filter to clean up my model ...


I've never heard of any elements being deleted from a project when a filter is deleted.  Can you point me to where you see that as a possibility?


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The post above references this as a problem, where it is actually what I want it to do.

There is also the message the comes up when deleting a renovation filter

"By deleting a renovation filter, you will lose all elements which are shown ONLY on that specific filter and which are reserved by you.  Elements not reserved by you will be visible on all relevant renovation filters. This operation is NOT UNDOABLE."


In my case, regardless of the fact that I have the elements reserved, deleting the renovation filter makes all the previously pinned elements visible on all relevant filters.  Which means I end up with a bunch of copies of elements and geometry for design options that are no longer valid.  Kinda a weird case where I want Archicad do delete my stuff lol.

Thanks @DGSketcher , That has been my initial approach to clean out the options.  However, we have many many many options set up in the project at this point, and that process requires going through each option one by one.  The model is a bit of a beast at this point, and takes a good bit of time just to generate the 3D view after applying the options. 
You are correct, this is the best way to do it, however, it is not going to be pleasant lol.

Fair warning for future projects then regarding design options via the renovation filter options.  Hopefully GS can work this out a bit more in future releases. I thought I heard something about this being worked on already.

Thanks for the help

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