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Elevation model appearance settings changes all elevations


I am trying to set up my model layout to have one elevation produce all the drawings that I need for the different stages of the process (sketch, building permit, website presentation) concerning that elevation.


This works nicely with exception of colured elevations that sometimes is useful to show the client. So when I change the elevations settings elevation selection settings- model appearance - uncut elements from "uniform pen - color fill" to "surface - texture fill, shaded". Then all copies of that elevation changes to showing textures affecting all drawings that show that particular elevation.


Is there a way to have one elevation tool (ie one elevation) show as unfilled as well as colur filled, or do I have to create separate elevations for the coloured versions?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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It has been a long standing wish that these settings should be applied as a Style in the View settings rather than the individual section / elevation settings. For now you are stuck with duplicating Elevations if you can't get around the presentation problem with the Graphic Overrides. There isn't a workaround for Shadows with GOs.


TIP: GOs are good at removing fills, so see if you can eliminate your texture fills rather than trying to add them.

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Thanks DGSketcher,


A quick test suggests that GO would be able to do the revese of what I want to achieve. I just need to evaluate what is more flexible, changing all the working structure/existing GOs (with all the trouble that might occur) or making duplicate elevations. One does however not want duplicates of anything. The point is to have everything work as easily and seamless as possible.


Hoping Graphisoft makes the change.


Have a nice day and thanx again.


AA / Architect
AC26 • Intel Q9500 | 16 gb ram | Nvidia 3070 • Win 10

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