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Lines overlapping on elevations and 3d - floor - beam and column


Hi i'm new on archicad

I have a problem when making the floors, beams and columns joined in the views, since some overlapping lines are seen. I already saw that they are all on the same plane, I also put the same finish on them, i try with SEO too, but nothing. I don't know how to solve this problem. Thank you1.png2.png3.png


Hello @dhozer,

1  - check the perfect alignment of the elements in plan. If they are not perfectly on the same plane, a line will appear.

2 - columns have priority over beams (with equivalent material).
3 - check the priority of materials.
4 - arrange the columns and beams on appropriate layers.
5 - control the priority of the columns and beams layers.

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Hi @dhozer,


I think this happens when the column top level is lower than the beam top level.


So you should stretch the column height to be in parallel with beams and stop the beam edge at the column face (not penetrating it),

that will be structurally right and the two (column & beam) will be subtracted automatically from the slab by elements’ priority based connections.

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