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grid / bounding box / elevation / curtain wall

Piotr Walerysiak

Hi all

I have a problem with proper grid display in elevations. Length of grid line does not adjust to model bounding box. Seems that bounding box does not include curtain walls. There are other building elements hidden by CW, but they do not affect grid lines display.




If I add other element visible in elevations (wall, column etc.), grids are shown correctly.



Also checked in other pln files and grid acts the same. Is there any setting for this?

Grid setting.JPG
Julio C Freitas

in the grid settings of the image you attached, it is necessary to increase this value. Have you tried this?

Captura de tela 2022-09-20 132521.png


I think it was about automatically changing the axis height to match the bounding box, because it is possible to set a static "From zero" height. But the curtain wall does not seem to be included in the bounding box anyway.

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Yes, I need grid to adjust height automatically. I have partial sections in the project which shows only few stories, so gridlines shall be much shorter there.