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Layout book, renovation tool

Hi. I have used the renovation-tool in Archicad, but when I open the drawing in Layout Book, every wall (existing, to be demolished and new) are showing. Can I get the "To be demolished"-objects to not show when in Layout book?

Sannemr by Beginner
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Resolved! Can I change the dimension tool's line length?

Hi everyone, I have a question, the dimension tool in elevation is not good looking when the line is on the right side (the line on the left side is OK). It is longer than the text. Can we make the line align with the text?

Snipaste_2021-09-14_09-27-31.png Snipaste_2021-09-14_09-27-09.png

Properties | Expression based on Renovation Status

I have set up a CONCAT expression to merge a bunch of various properties and text (for the sake of this example I'll refer to it as CONCAT-1. I want the expression to present different information depending on the renovation status of the element. I ...

Texture distortion on shell

Hi everyone,I am modeling and rendering my roof with shell tools, and the texture appears distortion, as shown in below. And the rendered pic is also not right. Can anybody help me out? Thanks!render picviewport

Snipaste_2021-09-11_11-09-02.png Snipaste_2021-09-11_11-08-18.png

Deleting External Changes in Change Manger

Hi, I have an external change showing in the change manager that I want to delete. The file is currently used as mod in the separate master file. It is now locked and not letting me unlock or delete.Please help

Archicad 25 Teamwork migration dimension bug on layout sheets

Anyone experiencing a bug that occurs to dimensions that looks like they are randomly stretched on the layout sheet but are fine in the view map. This occurs on interior and exterior elevation views. Temporary fix is to open the view, then update on ...

pdiune by Contributor
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Rebuild from Source View - visibility settings

I keep on losing the detail lines when I rebuild a detail from the source view. I've copied the detail as it should display when I rebuild from source view, but I keep on getting a grey image. Any advice?


Custom classification creation

Hello,As far asvi know, the only method to create a custom classification system is to use classification window inside Archicad, create classes one by one, number them, oh wait, if i want to reorder my classes, it will be a nightmare.... I tried to ...

Wall Disappears when rendered

Haven't seen this one before and I can not figure out what is causing it.modeling some tile on a shower wall. The tile itself is a separate wall placeon the framed wall. The first image is the 3d window, the tile section on theleft is 1/32"off the ot...

Model.jpg Rendered.jpg