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Is the display order meaningless when hotlinking?

A. B.    I'm working on the apartment as an exercise.But A.pln ------> B.plnB called A through hotlink.By adjusting the display order, the structural wall was set to 10 and the finishing wall was set to 7 to resolve the side walls. Of course, there i...

스크린샷 2023-09-11 003942.png 스크린샷 2023-09-11 003742.png

Section lines marker

Hello am Richard and am using ArchiCAD 26, but I have an issue I have noticed with my section line markers . they are not showing unless I select them,what can I do to make them show in the plan view

Section selected shows marker head.jpg section without markers .jpg
Ricky ug by Participant
  • 1 replies

Resolved! Interior elevations - showing section lines in prints

Hello,Me and my colleague did some digging and thus far came to a conclusion that it is impossible to make interior elevations section lines visible to print same way as with basic elevation tool? I'd very much prefer if we were wrong about this but ...

Model content elevation lines.JPG Layout-no lines.JPG
TimoRy by Contributor
  • 8 replies

Section / Elevation Marker Fonts Changing

One of our designers has started to have the fonts on her elevation and section markers change from Arial to Helvetica when she opens our project files. The font change seems to only happen to these two markers, but it does not change on anyone other...

Separate layers for compositie skins

Instead of one layer for the whole Wall compositie, wouldn’t it be better to have separate layers for each skin. That way you have more control of your walls and the way they are shown and the way the connect. Curious about your opinion.

Rve by Booster
  • 5 replies

Section background window color?

Upper right window opened with a grey background. Do not know how that happened and can't change it to white as other windows. Have tried all section settings to no avail. Any help here?


Resolved! Rotated (in elevation) Section Line

Is there a way to rotate a section line so it doesn't cut through the model at 90° but at an angle so it cuts through the roof at 90°. This would then enable a detail to be called off through the parapet that shows the correct sizes and therefore dim...

rotated section line.jpg
VGDD by Contributor
  • 2 replies