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Section/Elevation - Fade Distant Elements override Graphical Override Rules ?


On my layout sheet, I have several elevation (or section) views superimposed on each other.
But one view showed me some strange white stripe, covering other drawings.
I think it's the fault of the elevation/section settings in the FADE DISTANT ELEMENTS tab.

I don't know why but these elevation/section settings have higher priority than the Graphical Override Rules settings. This is probably a program error.
I show this with a simple example. I deliberately drew a polyline in the elevation/section and placed it at the bottom of other elements.

When an elevation/section in FADE DISTANT ELEMENTS has Window Background enabled, the Graphical Override Rules settings are not recognized (and a covering white band appears):



To bypass the problem, you need to enable Transparent in FADE DISTANT ELEMENTS, then the Graphical Override Rules settings will take full effect:


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Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin

What are you trying to override with the Graphic Override (GO)? 

The criterion in your Graphic Override Dialog above says you are overriding Zones. I suppose that is not what you wish to do. Maybe this is why the GO is not working.

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There it is set: "is NOT" Zone... 🙂


But it doesn't matter anyway!

If you set "Element type is: All Types" the effect will be the same! ☹️


I generally use this to hide all view fills on section/elevation.

Then I attach the settings show cross-sectional fills only, etc.

In the example I show a more simplified GO where you can already see that these settings do not overwrite the section/elevation settings when Window Background enabled in FADE DISTANT ELEMENTS.

AC 7 - 27, Twinmotion | Windows 10 Pro for Workstations
Dell 7740 Xeon | 64GB | Quadro RTX 3000 6GB + LG 2560x1080