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oven height

for the life of me I cannot figure out how to change the height of the oven in this object.

Resolved! Changing Texture also for preview

Hi, I have ordinary problem. How can I change color of textur with out using photoshop or other programs. I have perforated metal It's white and I would like to change color to "brownish".I need to see in preview. How can I reach this ?If I can chang...

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Resolved! Vertical Label with Horizontal Text

I am trying in vain to get a vertical leader for a label to show with horizontal text like in this screenshot. Everything I try keeps the text vertical also when placing the leader in vertical. Anyone know a solution? AC25

Graphic Overrides - cleanup

I am trying to figure out how to clean up unused graphic overrides and graphic override rules.I see that I can run a report in the Drawing Manager that will list all of the drawings on layouts and the graphic overrides attached to those drawings.... ...

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D5 Render

Am fishing around to see if anyone has incorporated into their work flow and how it might compare to Twinmotion?

View Properties in Organizer is not correct!

select a view from the view map in the organizeropen the View Properties Tab at the bottom of the organizerclick the setting button at the bottom of the the graphic override between the setting and the view propertiesthey are not al...

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Column Surface Tagging & Property Splits

We've been dipping our toes into 'smarter' Surface call ups. Recently we've found a way to label our walls, roofs, slabs & beams where the codes in the Surface get called up using the Property Manager & associative labels. This, however, doesn't work...

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VR for a Client to keep

I know we can create a nice model and VR experience with TwinMotion.I understand I will run this on our computer that has Archicad and Twin motion without licensing issues. If I give the Twin Motion file to my client that has a Oculus or Multiple Ocu...

Window Schedule Merge Issue

I am working on a window schedule for a project. I have a room that has the same window in multiple locations, when I choose to merge those items the unit size width and height disappear, even on the units that don't have multiples. Can anyone give m...

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