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OS Ventura Line Issues - AC23

Hi all, I'm running a Solo AC23 licence on my iMac and recently updated to OS Ventura. I'm having issues with line types and finding I can't change these to others in the file. I've seen that this is a known issue and downloaded the update but this o...

Resolved! Projects with different drawing scales

Hi Just wondering what is the prefered way to work with different projects at different scales using the same template file? Often my individuaml projects will require a different scale for the page layout, depending on the size of the project. Very ...

DWG export - messed up draw order

There is a problem with exporting DWG drawings from Worksheets. The screenshot below is from AutoCAD and shows how draw order of lines and fills / hatches got messed up upon export. Originally, the column is displayed on top of the window, but that o...

Mike96 by Enthusiast
  • 1 replies

Layout Book Layer Combos are Broken

Layer combinations will randomly vary from one layout to the next. This is broken. I wish this would work consistently and correctly.I'll add for those who would claim this is user error, I watched a user create a "Annotation - layout book" layer com...

4dProof by Expert
  • 12 replies

SIP Panel Layout

Anybody ever done one?The current lead time for SIP shop drawings is 16 weeks and my contractor would like to get dried in before winter. So I have been tasked with generating a panel layout. The idea is to show elevations showing only walls, floor e...

Neverending drawing updates on sheets

Lets say your on a sheet with a few drawings, you click over on another screen to send an email then click back over to Archicad to continue working. Even though Archicad has already updated the drawings, it still feels the need to update them all ag...

joey1 by Newcomer
  • 3 replies

Lock associative label position after placing

I am looking for a way to ensure that my associative labels stop moving after I place them. The interior design team at my firm spends a lot of time adjusting and fixing labels throughout the documentation process, and do not like that associative la...

sdeisher by Contributor
  • 0 replies

Missing Model View Options

Attempting to resurrect an old thread got no response... so I'll rehash the issue here in a NEW one!Model View Options go missing. This is a problem. We need a solution. This has been happening for years. Documents are going out to permit with no doo...

4dProof by Expert
  • 11 replies

Why are windows & doors not on separate layers ?

Can anybody give me a valid reason as to why windows and doors are not on their own separate layers yet ? If they were, we could manipulate them and turn them off and on as needed without using MVO’s and GO’s. Why not just consolidate all the lines t...

mthd by Advisor
  • 8 replies