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Text - copying and pasting

Why is text so rubbish in Archicad compared to Revit! The main issue for me personally, is not being able to copy text from a website or pdf and put this text into a label or textbox without the piece of text using the original font.... is there a wa...


Hi, I wanted to publish my drawings as a PDF, but the PDF is zoomed_in with each page only showing part of my drawing. This is the screenshot of one pages.

Resolved! Looking for a way to have different layout books

This might be unavailable in AC, but a need I have none the less. The context is I am trying to make my business more user friendly for help not skilled in AC. I have around 400 different PLN's I maintain and regularly send out PDF sets. Essentially ...

Pen weight doubles after publishing to PDF

Hello, I'm using AC 26 HUN solo (no TM), and I have the following problem with publishing:The line weights are doubled in the published PDFs throught the project compared to what I see on the drawing placed on the Layout. I checked the following:- th...

Resolved! archicad 23 file opened in archicad 26

Hello, I opened a file that was created in Archicad 23 in Archicad 26 and when I print or export the letters are unreadable. It happens with every file I open and try to print unless I create all the text boxes and write it from scratch

xdanaem by Participant
  • 2 replies

Resolved! PDF explodes as a bitmap

I got a bitmap when I exploded a PDF. How can I anticipate if the PDF is a vector drawing or a bitmap?

Gisele by Advocate
  • 5 replies

Resolved! Polygon outlines when exporting to PDF

Hi there,I was wondering if anybody else has been experiencing issues when exporting drawings to PDF? As you can see in the PDF attached, every polygon has a outline with a slightly different color from the element that its a part of, which becomes e...

PWest by Contributor
  • 7 replies

Resolved! Communication with the client in Archicad Start Edition 23

Hello,I'm a start-up entrepreneur and I purchased a license for Archicad Start Edition 23.I didn't see any problem while testing the version, until the moment after I purchased the license, when I wanted to publish the project in PDF to send to the c...