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In the case of apartments, the level of each apartment building is different.So for story processing, you have to work for each dong.And you have to separate the underground parking lot, which is the entire plan.But in xref, there is a command called...
  I would like to make it the top with a scale of 40.  
I created a wall using the Building_Material in windows gdl.It is overlapped in section view.They are not joined in 3D view. How can I make it join in 3D view?
I want to use the ADD variable of PROJECT INFO in the drawing title object sub-type. i use dong Number in Name Of Drawing I want to use in Title.dong number + titlenow I make this title
Only the layout shows the deleted wall. I copied the walls on the 5th floor to the 6th to 35th floors using "edit element by story". After that, I deleted the wall on the 6th to 35th floors. I selected it from the elevation and deleted it. After that...
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