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How to get value of sea level in GDL?1. Builtin.General_ElevationToSeaLevel (introduced in ARCHICAD 25) Should I use this?(How should I use it?)2. SEALEVEL - GLOB_HSTORY_ELEV = SLevelI need to find the sealevel, but I can't.
if "" = "" then text2 0,0,1 else text2 0,0,2 endif Number 2 appears. Even if you use "#", you get the same result.How do I know if the space is blank?The title indicates that the variable value is blank.
In this video, holes are made continuously with a magic wand.I'm not sure how they did it.I'm asking this question because I can't understand it even with the subtitles turned on.I think I asked a question before.I couldn't find it no matter how hard...
I can't make the connection part accurately. ^^ The problem is that it is difficult to process the green line part.
I want to remove a layer called A-Slab.However, it is still alive even after the Purge.I looked around each floor and in 3D with find&select, but I couldn't find it.How can I find it?